First Blog Post + Kudos to Philly Teacher

Although slightly behind schedule (and by schedule, I mean the Tech Knight’s guidelines for blog posting during the summer graduate-student edition of “Computers in the Classroom”), I am elated and proud to have constructed and successfully posted my first entry on my first ever blog!

For those of you not playing along, I am what we call technology un-savvy. Before I started the class if you had asked me if I ever imagined I’d be posting to a blog weekly (again, that schedule is…. a guideline…) the answer would be: HECK NO! However, under the guidance of the Tech Knight (my highly qualified, tech guru professor) I am now up and running as a ‘blogger’. Wohoo!

Now, down to business: I was asked by the Tech Knight to comb through some fantastic education blogs and choose one to follow throughout the semester. In my search I was drawn to Philly Teacher because, I love Philly (hello, cheesesteaks!). As I read through first the ‘About Me’ section, then through the blog posts, I felt as if I had found my education soul-mate mentor. As a young, professional, future teacher I found the blog post topics relevant and informative. The style of writing flows, is conversational, and presents an opinion without coming off as harsh or brash- all things I hope to develop as my blogging progresses. I was (and am) wary of cyberspace, putting it all out there, and finding a balance between personal and professional- Philly Teacher showed me that it is possible and gives an example of a fully functioning PLN (Personal Learning Network, for those of you- myself included- still struggling to remember all the acronyms in the education world). As a blogging skeptic, I am relieved and excited to have found someone I can relate to, look up to, learn from, and be inspired by. Thanks, Mary Beth! looking forward to following you!


And hey, if there’s anyone out there similarly inclined or inspired, let me know! I’ve only just begun this whole PLN thing- I’ll take any advice, encouragement, or feedback I can get.



Philly Teacher