Am I doing this right?

As a twenty-something Graduate student and brunch enthusiast it can be assumed that navigating the exponentially expanding world of technology is second nature- I’m here to tell you it is not; when it comes to technology, the web, and cyberspace, you can refer to me as a total n00b (I had to Google that). Don’t get me wrong, I own a MacBook and an iPhone, can put together a snazzy, animated PowerPoint (yup, PowerPoint) and, am an expert at Facebook stalking ex’s and using the Uber app after a day of brunching. However, for this Millennial the tech struggle is real. If you’re an education professional or fellow brunch lover who frequently (or, in my case, very frequently) wonders about technology, “Am I doing this right?” or “How am I going to integrate this into the classroom?!” you’ve found yourself a counterpart.

So here’s where I’m at: more than half way through my Masters in Education program, enrolled in ‘Computers and Technology in the Classroom,’ and no idea what the Tech Knight in Shining Armor (my highly qualified and extremely tech-savvy professor) is talking about, although; I was able to sift through the tech jargon and add to my digital footprint (see, I was paying attention) by creating this very blog. Kudos to me!

If you’re a like-minded individual who relates to being (almost) clueless in an ever-expanding digital, technology driven world- I want you to know you are not alone. You can rest easy because together, we can share the struggle, find humor in my mistakes and technology faux pas, and maybe (just maybe) learn how to effectively and meaningfully integrate computes and technology into the PK-6 classroom.

Bonus: new content (struggles) every week (or, as often as the Tech Knight in Shining Armor makes me post).


And, hey- if you’re ever willing to venture outside the blogosphere and talk education, meet me in the city for mimosas.